- Information on ELEA LTD -

ELEA Computer Systems Ltd is involved in the development of computer integrated applications since 1982.

1. Documentation applications

ELEA during the last 10 years has been involved in the development of software applications and integrated systems especially in the following fields:

Multimedia: Educational and Reference applications.

Optical Disk Publishing: Multimedia and Cataloguing applications on CD-ROM and CD-I platforms

Text Management Systems: Development of full text manipulation and document processing systems especially in the areas of Legal Data Bases and Tender Document Manipulation and Electronic Distribution.

2. Computer applications for the book trade

ELEA has developed and published the first and only (up to now) computerised bibliographic guide of Greek Books-In-Print (BIBLIOGRAPHY 2000++). The CD edition is published every six months. It has also developed special software for the management of bookshops and libraries.

3. Software for educational establishments

ELEA has developed a series of software applications for the effective management of schools and colleges (ATHINA 2000). It also develops multimedia educational applications.

4. Special Software Applications

ELEA can develop specialized applications and systems on demand.

5. Distribution of H/W

The company distributes hardware as required for the applications of its clients.

6. Participation in R/D and other ECC Co-Funded Programmes

Since 1989 ELEA have participated in several projects co--funded by EEC as co-ordinator or partner. (DELTA, FORCE, LIBRARIES, LINGUA, ARIANE, PAVE, LEONARDO). A list of these programmes is available on request.

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